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7 Steps to move your business online - 2018

In this fast pace of Technology & Digital World, It is not possible to make a business successful without having web presence. If you don't have the website your potential customers. As 81% of people do online search for the product or service before they buy it. 60% of business are having a website. That state having a website for your business is need not the want.

Now for those who don't know much about Technology & software. Let me explain you the process of how the business websites are made. I'm sure you might feel like making a website is too complicated or too expensive to maintain. But that's a myth.Now i'll take you with the following step by step process of making a business website.

Step 1: Domain Registration: What is a domain? The domain is nothing but a name of your business you decide which has to be
checked online for its availability. For example, Kyteway Technology Services Pvt Ltd is a company. is its domain. We have to pur…